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Manual Transmission Videos

The following videos show the basics and some more advanced methods of driving a manual transmission. The vidoes are Copyright 2001, 2002,2003 by Greg Heumann,





2. Proper Seating Position.



3. Gentle Launch - How to start when you're just relaxing.



4. Moderate Launch.



5. Aggressive Launch.



6. Upshifting, Part 1 - A discussion of the objective.



7. Upshifting, Part 2 - See it, hear what it should and shouldn't sound like.




8. Single clutch, rev-matched downshifts.



9. Double-Clutching



10. Heel and Toe, Part 1 - A discussion of the technique.



11. Heel and toe in action



12. Putting it All Together, Part 1 - A quick tour of a very short road.



13. Putting it All Together, Part 2 - A quick trip with launch, up and downshifts while pushing hard. Includes a demonstration of power-on oversteer, and the ease with which the M5 can be gathered back up, even with DSC off. Hint: watch it a second time and watch the keys for an indication of G forces.....

The following videos are provided by Sheehan Motor Racing, Copyright 2003, Gary Sheehan.
Lap of Sears Point during the season finale. Footcam in lower left corner.
Footbox video. Lap and a half of Sears Point. FAQ

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