This Electrified Porsche 356 Has A Good Ol' Manual Gearbox

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This Electrified Porsche 356 Has A Good Ol' Manual Gearbox

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"However, there are still those who argue that there is one thing these EVs can't do, and that's driver involvement. Perhaps a reason for that argument is that lack of a manual transmission in these plug-in vehicles. Thankfully, there are companies out there who want to change that perception." ... onversion/

Original 4-speed to boot. With the crate electric motor from Ford, as well as others hiding electric motors in a V8 facade, do you think a manual transmission modern vehicle will ever make an appearance for enthusiasts?
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Re: This Electrified Porsche 356 Has A Good Ol' Manual Gearbox

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...And then you have the new slushbox designed specifically for BEV's

About a year ago, we were introduced to a Canadian company, called Inmotive, that’s working on a two-speed transmission for EVs. And one of the folks there reached out to us to share a few updates. It changed the shape of one of the sprockets inside the trans, which uses a design that was inspired by bicycle derailleurs, the thing that bumps the chain when shifting. But the outer gear of Inmotive’s transmission also moves out of the way in segments during a shift. This, along with active control of the electric motor, results in near imperceptible shifts because the chain is always in constant contact. Right now, the company is testing it on a vehicle with an electric motor that produces about 150 Nm and claims during normal driving on streets it’s transmitting 1,500 Nm through the trans. As a motor that size might suggest, Inmotive is eying a passenger vehicle in the mass market and at that scale its transmission would only cost about $150. But it says it could be scaled down to something as small as an e-bike and has data that shows it could double the motor output for more powerful vehicles. Inmotive expects to have the whole system worked out by the middle of 2023 and says its setup improves range by 7-15% and acceleration by 15%.

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