A personal whim

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A personal whim

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The other day I phoned a my friend and asked him to come on a private track with me for a little "race".
My car is: Fiat Panda 2009 - Gasoline engine f.i.r.e. 1.2 , 60 hp , torque: 102 Nm at 2500 rpms/min
His car is: Lancia Ypsilon 2007 - Diesel engine multijet 1.3 , 90 hp , torque: 200 Nm at 4000 rpms/min

I know, these cars aren't very powerful but I repeat: it was a personal whim.

His car seemed more fast on launching but I overtook him and he wasn't almost behind me and he couldn't overtook me anymore.

Are diesel cars so "shoddy" ?

P.S: I don't personally like diesel cars...I prefer to let the diesel engine to trucks and heavy vehicles.
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Re: A personal whim

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i assume you mean a personal win, if talking about racing someone.

despite the negative diesel stigma here, they are regarded by many in the know as potent engines here. most of our diesels are turbodiesels and have gobs of torque and halfway decent horsepower. this makes them quick to get going and ideal for highway driving, while typically not having the best 0-60 MPH times. they are also known for better gas mileage than most or at least many gas engines. diesel engines are more aimed at practicality than outright performance. most bigger trucks here are diesels. it is mainly due to much lower gas prices here, along with diesel prices that are typically (depending on the area) higher than gas prices, and diesels not being as extremely geared toward fuel efficiency like in Europe, that they are no wheres as popular here.
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