Mechanical Watch Thread

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Re: Mechanical Watch Thread

Post by Teamwork » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:08 pm

Rope-Pusher wrote:
Teamwork wrote:And I am back in the market :D

Where's Tony at...
Sorry to say, but Tony doesn't post here anymore since he went blind.

No, believe it or not, he didn't go blind from excessive masturbation. It was from excessive squinting. Ya see, he was trying to change the final drive gearing in his mechanical watch.
Haha, I know he said he didn't miss manual but hope that doesn't mean he doesn't miss mechanical/automatic watches?

I'd like to pick his brain on his stance between self winders (that need to be wound once a day) versus automatic (the one's that can keep going on wrist movement/has an option to wind). With the above I don't really see how there's a disadvantage over "automatic" but I was thinking maybe I am missing something. Are they typically more bulky?

I'm looking to obtain a piece to celebrate my engagement but I want to keep to a reasonable price range... probably between $500-$800 if possible.

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