Infant Gratification?

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How long would you be willing to wait for a "Build to Order" vehicle?

2 Weeks
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1 Month
6 Weeks
2 Months
Would not wait a day
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Re: Infant Gratification?

Post by Squint » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:03 pm

Rope-Pusher wrote:
Teamwork wrote:
someone once said to buy the car you want to drive and not the one you want to be seen in.
But what if I bought the car I want to drive and want to be seen it? :D
The main lights in combo with with fogs are plenty bright, and the high beams shine a mile ahead.
I'm not sure how it works with the TSI but I couldn't stand the 'unfinished' look with the GTI halogens. LED fogs across the board and then yellow halogen lights. It literally bothered me that the tail lights weren't LED either so I ordered a pair of the GTI LED tail lights with the amber directional. I already have the LED license plate lights and LED front directional as well.

But really, from inside the car or from outside the car, nobody but maybe a blue whale or an elephant can tell if you even have the same wheels on the right side as you do on the left side. Do you care what a blue whale thinks of your car? Donald trump has a fat head. Do you care what he thinks of your car? Even the appearance of the interior is superfluous. The driver's views out the windows are what matters most.

Putting more than 1-2k down on a lease is typically considered foolish.
Never really understood this notion but a lot of variables could be at play. For one, for people that refuse to put anything but a security deposit down (typically $500) do you really want to be paying $260+ a month for a Civic LX for 36 months? They get the money either way nothings for free and if it was me (personally) I'd rather do it up front and be done with it then have more then I "think I have".

Go a step further and make a one-payment lease. Hand the dealer that stack of money that wasn't earning diddly in the bank and you'll have no monthly payments.
I think there is a negative stigma about leasing which is for the most part uncalled for.
I highly recommend leasing to the right candidates... I would be still doing it if I was a "right candidate" but I'm no longer. My best friend who had a negative stigma about leasing I literally had to sell the idea to him even though he was essentially the perfect candidate. I think he's glad I did too...
To a great extent, a lease agreement is a purchase agreement with a pre-ordained sell-back and all the "Then you'll buy it back for this much" and "Considering the time-value of money" stuff all agreed upon up front.
Yeah, as former car sales/finance/dealership slave, I agree with the sentiment that leasing is great for some people. In my current situation, where we didn't entirely know what vehicle we wanted long term, don't drive a lot, and like having something newer, leasing the Mazda was far and away a better choice than buying something.
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