Best way to launch a Toyota Matrix 09 XR

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Re: Best way to launch a Toyota Matrix 09 XR

Post by Reverence » Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:06 am

I remember the launching advise here was to gradually release the clutch and compensate for the rpm drop by simultaneously adding gas, what ever wording.


I started analysing my foot work and consequent response of car, hoping to find what it was I was doing and if I pawsed.
The only pawses I could identify were on hill launches and parking lot launches, where I was launching to attain a constant low speed of 5-10 Km/h.
The clamping effect of the clutch after it stops sliding can be felt, if you concentrate enough to notice it.
However, on street launches, when I launch to accelerate, there is no pawsing, my clutch and gas pedal movement is continuous, no clamping effect of clutch can be felt. Sometimes I do bog down the engine a little, depending on the passenger load, air con etc..
Perhaps I am subconsciously catering for a pause somewhere in the process, it is not obvious to me nor to anyone observing my leg work.
What was observed I was doing:
1) light bleep to 1200 rpm, foot still on gas pedal (but not to sustain rpm at 1200)
2) clutch rapidly to starting FP as the rpms fall from 1200 to 900
3) continuous + controlled release of clutch pedal through FP/grabbing range with simultaneous adding of gas, also in a controlled manner.

clutch is released very fast (1 sec), and the car feels as if it is accelerating from 0 per the sole action of the gas pedal.

If any of the feet are seen to look like they were pausing, I would say it was more the gas pedal foot.

Anyway, it was fun analysing a 30 + years habit :D

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