Deciphering useful after market mods vs. marketing hype

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Re: Deciphering useful after market mods vs. marketing hype

Post by Teamwork » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:18 pm

theholycow wrote:With a short throw kit, there is one other concern of which I was reminded by your other thread: With shorter throws, your visual indication of currently selected gear (that whole parking in 2nd because it's not obvious when you're in 1st thing) will be even more difficult.
I wouldn't really be that concerned about it at that point. I've programmed my brain to almost always leave it in gear when departing the car (the only time I don't is when getting gas on level ground). Since we've had our talk I've been just leaving it in 1st not knowing there was a difference because from what I've read I was instructed it could be "any gear" (when I was first new). My friend made a notable story when he was brand new also that he started the car after being left in gear and let the clutch out and it scared the crap out of him leaping forward- so I've been thankful of not having to make the same mistake. 8)

The other thing that I didn't point out originally but I've read a few older threads and it seemed to have the majority consensus of disapproval was the "washer clutch stop".

I've been hesitant to try this because of the bad perception on these forums (I tend to value opinions here heavily) but I haven't really read a negative one anywhere else. Everyone states that with 2 of the washers removed that they have no problem starting the car (depressing the clutch fully - no error) and that there's been no ill effects in gear changes from the clutch not fully disengaging. If asking "why do I feel like I need this?" > it's not so much need (I can drive the car as it is) but I think this could lend to better ergonomics and comfort for sure for me. I haven't really mentioned it in the 'refining technique' thread but my seating position for this car feels awkward even after 7 months and most of it stems from the length of the throw of the clutch. Deeming that being fully floored with a 'slight bend' in my knee being the most important aspect of adjust + resting my wrists on the top of the steering wheel with my back flush to the back creates a fairly awkward "everything" else for me. I don't believe I'm disproportionate within my body to any extreme degree but when I have a "comfortable" fully floored clutch position (which probably has slight top toeing to it) I still feel like I'm sitting/standing ABOVE all of the pedals when they are untouched. To elaborate when I first get onto the throttle or brake especially I feel like I'm stepping ontop of it from above on a DOWNWARDS motion. For the clutch when I first push down I have to bend my knee quite a bit and even with my seat physically at the lowest height setting (I like this naturally) and the steering wheel set to the highest height adjustment I still bash my knee cap from time to time on the underneath of the column. If I decrease the clutch travel to "fully floored" I could sit further back and really press the pedals down in a "tunnel" like passing motion as opposed to feel like I'm sitting so close "ontop of them". If anyone has any advice without the clutch stop on seat adjustment it could be greatly appreciated it but I've been tinkering with this for months. I have the seat itself set up really traditionally with no odd characteristics. The back rest isn't reclined at an extreme angle- it's mostly upright with a slight lean bias to the rear and the lumbar support is adjusted at the middle setting. I have the steering wheel tilt and telescoped to how my left foot plays with the clutch so that's in a comfortable position but my feet in the foot well feel cramped/messy.

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