A few questions for experienced transmission gurus.

Synchros shot? Weird noises while shifting? Not sure what needs to be replaced?
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Re: A few questions for experienced transmission gurus.

Post by kickerfox » Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:36 am

I mentioned that fact and said it "says something for this trans". Having opened it to have a look, I can see it's a little overkill for a 4 banger in a light car. I bet they last awhile. But, it can also be said that they contain defects. I repaired mine. First defect is the detent grooves in the 3-4 shift rail are .020" off. Second, the 3-4 rail selector comes into contact with the center housing before the 4th detent fully engages. It's .100" off. This prevents the 4th clutch splines from fully engaging. If anyone is popping out of 4th gear, that's probably why.

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