Bishko service manual CDs

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Bishko service manual CDs

Post by theholycow » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:41 pm ... 15131.html

This, and I assume all other shop manual CDs from Bishko, is an OCR'd scan PDF of the original OEM service manual. That means that GM/Buick wrote it and you see exactly what dealer mechanics saw, complete with original illustrations...and it also means you can let you computer search it!

I have the paper manual and I can confirm it is 100% exactly the same. I can also confirm that letting the computer search is so much easier and quicker. I was unsure if I would want this since I already have the dead tree edition but I am totally happy with it. I haven't opened the paper book since I got collects dust on my shelf with dozens of bookmarks sticking out.

The scan and OCR quality is top notch. I wish I could hire these guys to scan every piece of paper in my house.

Because it is plain PDFs, you can use your favorite PDF reading, markup, and processing software on any operating system you want. You could read this on your Windows/Mac/Linux computer, your Android or Blackberry or iPhone, your ereader (even a cheap no-name one - it works on my Slick ER-701 and it ought to work on a Kindle or Nook), whatever you want as long as it can handle a 460MB PDF.

I received mine as a gift. There was an issue with the order and Bishko took care of it quickly.

The 3 books pictured (1980 Buick Chassis manual, 1980 Buick Skylark Chassis manual, and 1980 Fisher Body manual) are each separate PDFs, with the 1980 Buick Chassis manual being the largest at 460MB.

I can't sing enough praises for this product and how happy I am with it. I love my car and I love having such great documentation for it.
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