03 Honda Accord LX I4 Autotragic

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Re: 03 Honda Accord LX I4 Autotragic

Post by potownrob » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:47 pm

Bill B wrote:I think that my 07 Honda Element has the same or close to the same engine as the Accord 4 Cyl. If you feel like looking, here is a link to the photo of my Elements motor. I have tried to post pics, but must be missing something, because they never show up.
http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2225743 ... 1944IgSVoV The 4 cyl in the Element is definately not a speed machine, but the 5 speed probably does help a little. I have never driven an Element with an Automatic or an Accord either. The Accord probably gets a few miles more per gallon since the Element is not the most aerodynamic thing on the road.
i remember the manual element being surprisingly peppy when i testdrove it with a friend

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