Proper launch techniques for AWD?

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Re: Proper launch techniques for AWD?

Post by theholycow » Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:22 pm

paul34 wrote:No STI logos, duh
By that logic, I can upgrade my Rabbit to a GTI for $50.

I haven't seen the car, and wouldn't know an STi if it ran me over, I'm just sayin'...
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watkins wrote:Humans have rear-biased AWD. Cows have 4WD

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Re: Proper launch techniques for AWD?

Post by JackBauer » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:40 pm

permabanned wrote:^he doesnt know how to drive a AWD

7k AWD clutch dumps are great, but thats how you break shit like axles, transmissions, rip the differentials off the car, etc. because you need to be making ridiculous power to spin an AWD, it will bog down off the line, so the key is controlling the clutch out. AWD will move the f**k out if you know what your doing, but if you dont, your gonna look like a retard cutting 2.something 60 foots in an AWD cars that get 1.7 60 foots on street tires right off the showroom floor
you mean a AWD will bog down a 7500 RPM clutch drop on drag radials?
Show me an AWD Time slip with you driving it..give me the same car and let me drive it my way and see which time slip is faster.
Breaking stuff goes with the hobby. You wanna know the proper way? or do you wanna know how to launch without breaking something? cuz the proper way will inflict severe trauma on the drive line and these AWD systems are crap when it comes to taking real abuse.

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