Wake up, Dress up, Show up....for 55 years

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Wake up, Dress up, Show up....for 55 years

Post by Rope-Pusher » Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:17 pm

From Autoline after hours
"He spent 55 years developing racing engines with Ford, worked with some of the greatest drivers of the 20th century, and now he's talking with us! Mose Nowland is the former Senior Motorsport Engineer for Ford Racing, and he's only recently retired. Having worked on cars for Le Mans, Indy, NASCAR and drag racing, this guy's no one trick pony."

Having no educational degree, he earned his title through experience and he loved coming to work so much that his long career kinda snuck-up on him. Never had a lay-off, never asked to retire. Few others will ever have a career like his.
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