Hello from Toronto!

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Hello from Toronto!

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I am a new member and just recently purchased my first manual car, an 05 Audi A4. As this is my first manual car, and I have no one to teach me, I've been trying to learn as much as possible from the internet and youtube videos.

Joined this site to ask questions and read to improve my driving skill and shifting technique and also to make sure I do not get into a bad habit. :)
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Re: Hello from Toronto!

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Welcome, welcome from your redheaded step brother from south of the border in chilly Minnesota

Ask away, we're here to help.
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Re: Hello from Toronto!

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Hello from North of the border in Detroit, MI
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Re: Hello from Toronto!

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Willkommen :D 8)
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Re: Hello from Toronto!

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Welcome from the sunny, not-very-warm-anymore south. But at least we haven't seen snow yet. :wink: :lol:
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