USGP @ Indy

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USGP @ Indy

Post by KevSC1 » Sat Jun 11, 2005 10:20 pm

We've got 1 extra ticket for the upcoming Formula 1 racing weekend in Indy (June 17th-19th) if anybody is interested. it includes the following:

Friday practice day entry

Saturday qualifying entry

Sunday race day entry.

Seats are in the Southeast Vista (Check out for seating chart) and nice and high up. You can usually see approximately 1/4 of the track from our seats and get the last few turns of the infield and the transition onto the old oval.. The sound of a McLaren or Ferrari at 19,000 RPM whipping by is something to behold.. Bring your earplugs.

Additionally we have Friday and Saturday night booked at a Signature Inn, in Indy. There are a lot of us in the room, so bring your sleeping bag, pillow and an extra towel or two.

The total cost for the entire weekend is $150.00 all inclusive. If you are interested, please email Hope to see ya at the track and looking forward to seeing Kimi and Fernando kick a bit more Ferrari tail...
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