Tranny Talk Threads of Interest

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Tranny Talk Threads of Interest

Post by jomotopia » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:01 pm

This thread is for links to threads in this section that have some good info on common questions, issues, and discussions. If you come across a thread that you feel should be added, PM me or another moderator and we will take a look. So far I've only gone back a few pages. I'm sure I'll be adding more threads to this as I have time.


Trouble going into reverse gear

Car more likely to Stall with A/C?

Window tinting

Sometimes one driver can vastly improve traffic

Clutchless Shifting

1st gear downshift???

DSG a threat to the future of the manual transmission?

Car Modifying 101 and anti-ricer tips


Oil Changes

Checking oil (Cold vs Warm vs Hot)


Brake Pad Wear, Front vs Rear, FWD vs RWD

Wheels drive the engine?

turbocharger questions

Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

Torque vs Horsepower

Performance clutches and lightweight flywheels.

Wankel Rotary Engines

Gear Ratios and Performance

How do ABS systems work in stick shifts?

So what is manual transmission fluid for?

Tire Pressures

The Community and Cars

[Poll] Member Engine Poll (1 of 3)-Displacement

[Poll] Member Engine Poll (2 of 3)-Engine Config.

[Poll] Member Engine Poll (3 of 3) Power Output

[Poll] Do you look inside cars to see if its stick?

Where does your car redline?

Best shifter/shift feel car?

Post your gear ratios

Anyone have videos of themselves driving?

How many accidents?

How long have you been driving manual?

Favorite Japanese Car

What mods have you done to your car?

Your Car : Pros & Cons

Off Site Links

How Clutches Work (

How Manual Transmissions Work (