Current-gen GTO vs 02 WRX

Did you win or lose? Please drive safely!
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Post by Bodder » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:09 am

tehfade wrote:Dude, do you know just how huge of a difference 1 second in the quarter is?? Have you ever seen a drag race between cars where one was a second faster? A second is a LOT of time on a track.

But I say again, quarter mile times have NOTHING to do with the street. The OP says that he got beaten by a block because he wasn't racing. Fine. But how the hell am I supposed to believe that he shifted into 3rd at 2700, floored it and then--OMG--he hit the "ideal powerband" and caught right up to a GTO that was going WOT?

In order for it to have happened, his WRX would have had to have been FASTER than the GTO by a fair amount. Seeing as I've driven both cars, I know that just isn't true.
The GTO probably let off the throttle and more coasted as his WRX is speeding up. Probably saw it comeing so he got back to WOT.

And who knows could have been near redline so the engine had to shift. Or if it was infact an auto tranny could have shifted into highest gear for cruising and then when he went WOT it would have gear searched for the lower gear to raise the rpms.

Anything could of happened, he never passed though.
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Post by hockeystyx16 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:18 am

heres what happened, for those who never street raced or have no grasp of the concept of street racing. once 1 car pulls away, the race is over. if that one car jumps 4 lenghts off the line, its over just like that. if both cars stay door to door for a while, whoever doesnt run out of top gear or hit their speed limiter wins. for example, say im racing a mustang that happens to be exactly as fast as my probe. were on the highway, starting from a 45-50 roll. we stay door to door the whole way. i hit the rev limiter in 5th, im out of 5th gear, so i maintain 132 instead of speeding up some more. he keeps speeding up. by the time hes 1 car ahead its over, he won.

he won that race halfway thru the intersection, you didnt catch up to anything. he won in the first 20 feet, and decided to have some more fun before backing off. then, when he was a block ahead of you, he backed off and got on the brakes and you eventually caught up.
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Post by jory543 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:55 am

If you were really racing you would have rode the gears to 6-7k in that Subie. Shifting at 2700 really wont cut it, you gotta launch it hard and shift those gears fast.

I've raced cars where we were door to door the whole way, and that just means both cars are equally matched. There's also blowouts and those are no fun unless you win and the loser was talking smack. Then I got blown away by a BMW M3, that thing took off and he was gone while I felt like I was sitting still. Out of my league.

Something else I'd like to add... If you aren't speeding around everywhere and driving like an ass in traffic or in weather then I see nothing wrong with taking your car to it's limits once in a while. You have to see what it's got, what it can do and stuff. Not when it's raining or if there's traffic ahead and you do 100mph till your 100 feet behind them and slam on the brakes. If your going to drive fast, be smart about it and know the roads. If you're doing 90mph on a road you don't know and there's a 90* turn ahead, or a 4-way intersection etc etc... I think you get my point. Driving like grandma all the time gets boring, I'll have time to do that when I'm old if I don't die.

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