A Fictional Story of How a woman gets her children to school

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A Fictional Story of How a woman gets her children to school

Postby afbocc » Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:19 am

This is a fictional story of how one woman could go to great length if she had to in order to get her children to school.

It’s an unseasonably chilly morning in Central Utah as a woman named Noelle is walking into the garage from the living room with her seven year old daughter and three year old son. In the garage Noelle helps gets her children fastened into their booster/car seats in her station wagon.

She than takes the driver seat. However, on this morning, Noelle’s station wagon is having trouble starting. After turning the key three times and hearing only the starter crank, Noelle daughter told her, “If I’m late for school, I’ll have detention in the Cafeteria away from my friends and a piece of cardboard will be placed in front of my face.”

Noelle son added “Cris from NBC will be at preschool talking about his (glory) days as a TV Guy (Broadcaster) for FOX.” (2)

Noelle is getting tensed as she turned the key four more times, but even with holding the gas pedal to the floor, the only noise is the starter cranking at length. “If you don’t start for me, I’ll look for other alternatives,” an angry Noelle told her station wagon.

Noelle turns the key three more times while pressing down on the gas pedal. The starter cranks for 12 seconds each time. The engine still refuses to start. “All right kids. We’re getting out,” Noelle said in a disgusted and angry tone. After getting her kids out of their booster/car seats and out of the car, all three looked confused.

“How are we going to get around,” Noelles’ daughter asked her.

Noelle first looks over to her Husband, Janson, who’ll be referred to as Mr. Mom, 2011 Chevrolet Camaro with 426 horsepower. However the Camaro is a “Stick Shift” car and Noelle has no idea of how to drive a stick shift whatsoever, and refuses to learn. Also to be noted is that Mr. Mom got a ride to work from a co-worker.

Then by at the corner of the Garage, Noelle notices her Sliding Sled which she last used on February 14 2014 in a Far–Away land. The Sliding Sled is now equipped with side car seats so her kids can fit into them with ease, as well as 6 inch wheels to use on the street. As she bring the sliding sled onto level ground, Noelle said to her children, “Hop on outside. I’ll take you to school.”

Noelles children get excited as the head out of the house while Noelle brings Out the Sled and three helmets, one adult size and two child size helmets. With the Doors shut and the house locked plus the ADT Security System activated, all three have their helmets on, the kids hop into and are sitting tightly into their seats, buckled up with seat belt attachment, holding their backpacks in front of them. Noelle then bends down and controls the handle bars of her sled with her hands, she gets a running start for three seconds before jumping onto her sled and laying down on her belly face first and going about 40mph this time around. “I love Mommy,” her thee year old Son blurted out.

About a mile into the trip to the Elementary School, Noelle lift up her sled slightly as she approaches the stop sign and bring her sled to a stop before hoping up onto her feet. Drivers in passing cars, who happen to be on their cell phone, reading the newspaper, shaving and putting on makeup while driving can’t believe what they are seeing in front of their distracted eyes.

Noelle then bends down and controls the handle bars of her sled with her hands, she gets a running start for three seconds before jumping onto her sled and laying down on her belly face first and going about 40mph this time around for the next few miles.

Meanwhile across the street from the Elementary School, two guys, one named Cris, who considered himself to the Greatest Wide Receiver in NFL History to wear the number 80 Jersey, is building multiple snowmen alongside with “Out of Work” News Anchor Brian Williams. The Snowmen that Cris is making is of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and of course, himself. “That’s a nice threesome you have there, Cris,” said Brian.

“Thank You,” Cris replied. Brian is meanwhile making a Snowman of himself. Cris than hands Brian a long stick.

“The stick is for your nose, Brian. You then would look like Pinocchio,” Cris explained to Brian.


“Thank You Cris. What a nice man you Are. Al is so lucky to have you sit alongside him on Sunday Nights during the fall and winter months,” Brian said.

All of a sudden, to Cris and Brians' shock, is a person with what looks to them two young children on a sliding sled going out of control at a high rate of speed. Cris and Brian leap out of the way as the Sliding Sled obliterates the Joe Buck snowman.

Upon seeing the destruction, Cris is devastated. Upon seeing it himself, Brians’ only remark is “Boy, Joe Buck hasn’t been run over that bad since his talk show on HBO when he had Artie Lange as a guest.” (1)

Once in front of the Elementary School, Noelle lift up her sled slightly as she approaches the stop sign and bring her sled to a stop before hoping up onto her feet. Children and Parents who came to the School in Actual Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs were completely beside themselves at seeing a woman putting herself and her children in danger. Noelle lets her seven year old daughter off the sled, but then the adults are surrounding Noelle and her sled and showing angry faces to boot.

Before she can get a running start and sliding away on the streets the man in a howling voice yells “Noelle! Come with Me into the Office. Time for a Talk.” The man is the Principal of the Elementary School, Seymour Skinner.

Not long later, with Noelle in the Principal Skinners office, Janson, i.e. Mr. Mom shows up and asked “What happened this morning Noelle? I was doing important business."

Noelle, while crying, explains to the men “My car wouldn’t start this morning.”

“Well my Camaro is there for you to drive,” Mr. Mom responds.

“But it’s a stick shift and I’m incapable of driving a Stick Shift. Driving is hard enough with only two pedals. Three becomes confusing,” Noelle explained with tears down her face.

“Oh! It’s a Miracle no one was hurt. How many crashes have you had in your life?” Principal Skinners demands from Noelle.
Fifteen crashes, and not a single fatality,” Noelle retorts back to the Principal with a fake smile on her face.

After some consultation, Principal Skinner has made his decision.

“Noelle! Janson! From this point on! I’ll be bringing Your Children to and From School,” explained Principal Skinner. At this point, Noelle is brought to her knees in tears and crying uncontrollably.

“How are you going to do this?” Jason asked Principal Skinner.

“I drove an All-Terrain vehicle in Lu Dan,” Principal Skinner responds with authority.


Outside of the Principals Office, Cris and Brian are looking at the meeting through a window. “Boy, Cris. I haven’t seen Noelle this devastated,” explained Brian.

“Well she still has her Silver Medal as her last glimmer of hope, unlike your News Broadcasting career at NBC” Cris replied back.

“Or how about Your Bengals of winning the Super Bowl during your lifetime, Cris! I see no glimmer of hope of that ever happening,” Brian retorted back as both of them leave the school.

The next day, with Janson already heading to work in his Camaro, Noelle with such sadness, is getting her kids all dressed with lunches in their backpacks a Horn is honking from the outside. Noelle opens the door and its’ Principal Skinner driving the School Bus.

After giving Mommy Noelle a hug, her children are walking towards the School Bus with despair and with utter silence. As they hop onto the Bus, Principal Skinner growls “Now take a seat, children. I’m in a grumpy mood.”

The children take their seats. Principal Skinner closes the door and drives away. The Children look out the window to their Mommy Noelle and wave bye to her. Noelle waves back with tears running down her face, knowing that she’ll no longer be able to take kids to school.

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj8y2Oi1lFk

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3loMUMpufQ
watch at 31:55, 33:15, mark, 36:00 mark, 47:45 mark, 49:20 mark and 51:10 mark

Watch at 44:58 mark, 47:15 mark or 49:19 mark

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