'88 Fiero GT vs. Camaro IROC-Z

Did you win or lose? Please drive safely!
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'88 Fiero GT vs. Camaro IROC-Z

Postby Tinton » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:19 pm

Well I had the most interesting race of my life just 30 minutes ago 8).

I went to the Food Ghetto in my '88 GT (Food Depot, lol you can prolly tell why its called 'food ghetto' :lol: ) to get some groceries and when I got out of the store there were a couple of guys checking out my car. One obviously owned the mid-90's Ford Probe SE that was parked near my car and he ended up going into the store, the other guy owned a nice looking Camaro IROC-Z that was parked a little ways away. We talked about our cars a little bit and he said his was a '86 IROC with the 350 and a lot of modifications done to it. When he started it up it was MUCH louder than my little Fiero :lol:, so I think it had straightpipes. Anyways, we left the parking lot and took off down the road, and it turned out that we were both heading the same way, and we ended up pulling up to a traffic light :twisted:. We talked about cars some more while waiting for the light to change, and he told me his IROC had a big cam, long tube headers, heads, and a lot more done to it. I can tell when a car has a BIG cam and his would barely idle, it just barely loped, so his car had some serious hp. I also told him my mods: long-tube headers, chip, intake and throttle body, and full exhaust (and more). I asked if he wanted to race and he said it was on :twisted:.

So, after that, we both just focused on the light and we tried to time it like you would the tree at a drag strip. I knew how the light progressed (left turn first, then straight) so I knew exactly when to launch. The light turned green and I didn't really rev it up and dump the clutch, I just held the rpms at like 1500-2000 and let the clutch out and floored it. My '88GT instantly chirped the rear tires and took off like hell, me getting perfect shifts into 2nd and 3rd gears. After 0-30 I had about 3-4 carlengths on him, and I kept that all the way up to 60 mph, where his IROC started to catch up just a little bit. I was very surprised cause his IROC should have somewhere between 300-400 hp, if not more, and at most my '88 GT has 200 hp (more likely 180-190). The main advantage to having a MR car is traction though, especially on launches (a stock V6 Fiero gets the same 0-30 as Italian MR supercars like 512TR's and Lamborghinis), so I think that's what really won me the race. If we had gone all the way up to very illegal speeds, like 100+ mph, I'm pretty sure he would have won. Still, my '88GT beat a 300+ hp IROC-Z by 3-4 carlengths up to 60 mph, I think that's quite an accomplishment :mrgreen:. Pretty soon I'll have my MR2 working again so I'll be able to really stomp the shit out of some cars :twisted:.

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Re: '88 Fiero GT vs. Camaro IROC-Z

Postby vedran » Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:19 am

sounds like it was a jolly 'ol time. congrats, dude
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Re: '88 Fiero GT vs. Camaro IROC-Z

Postby DarkPilot » Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:11 am


But seriously, I'd love to have a Fiero like yours, show up all those rice burners in this city....
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